Blueprint is a framework for developing flexible and modular microservice applications. Blueprint provides a programming abstraction for writing microservice applications that makes it easy to later change aspects related to the system’s scaffolding and topology – e.g. concerns such as RPC frameworks or backends to use, placement and load balancing, replication, and so on. Using Blueprint, applications don’t early-bind to those choices. Later on, it’s easy to change any of these aspects and re-generate a fully functional variant of the application. Blueprint makes comparative evaluation trivially easy – it helps developers empirically pick the best-performing libraries, frameworks, and backends; and it helps researchers perform rigorous comparative evaluation of new prototypes.


Blueprint: A Toolchain for Highly-Reconfigurable Microservice Applications

Vaastav Anand, Deepak Garg, Antoine Kaufmann, Jonathan Mace
In 29th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), Koblenz, Germany, 2023.
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