Kugelblitz is a framework for exploring the design space of programmable hardware protocol processing architectures. Specifically it enables comparing quantitative overall system performance, energy consumption, chip area, and flexiblity for different hardware architectures with varying degrees of programmability. Kugeblitz separates abstract protocol representations from concrete hardware configurations, and contains tools for building concrete RTL implementations from hardware configurations, simulating them, and compiling abstract protocols for specific hardware configurations. We then use ASIC synthesis tools to get the area/timing numbers, and end-to-end simulation with SimBricks for full system performance measurements.


Kugelblitz: Streamlining Reconfigurable Packet Processing Pipeline Design and Evaluation

Artemio Ageev, Antoine Kaufmann
Under Submission, 2024.

Exploring Domain-Specific Architectures for Network Protocol Processing

Artemio Ageev, Mehrshad Lotfi, Antoine Kaufmann
In 2021 Cloud@MICRO Workshop, Virtual, 2021.
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