SimBricks is a simulation framework that enables full end-to-end evaluation of modern network systems in simulation. Our primary aim is to to enable network systems research and instruction — from rapid prototyping to meaningful performance evaluation. SimBricks modularly combines and connects multiple battle-tested simulators for different components: machines (e.g. QEMU, gem5), hardware components (e.g. Verilator, Tofino, FEMU SSD), and networks (e.g. ns-3, OMNeT++). SimBricks assembles multiple instances of these simulators into simulated testbeds capable of running unmodified full system stacks, including applications and operating systems such as Linux.


SplitSim: Scalable and Parallel Full Data Center System Simulations

Hejing Li, Antoine Kaufmann
In The Fifth Young Architect Workshop (YArch), Vancouver BC, Canada, 2023.
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Improving Disaggregated System Evaluation with Modular End-to-End Simulation

Bin Gao, Hejing Li, Jialin Li, Antoine Kaufmann
In 3rd Workshop On Resource Disaggregation and Serverless Computing (WORDS), Virtual, 2022.
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SimBricks: End-to-End Network System Evaluation with Modular Simulation

Hejing Li, Jialin Li, Antoine Kaufmann
In ACM SIGCOMM 2022 Conference (SIGCOMM), Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2022.
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