Virtuoso is a TCP acceleration service for virtualized environments targeted at applications that require low latency and high throughput. Virtuoso runs as a service alongside the host and provides a fast-path for common send and receive operations that reduces the virtualization overheads incurred by the hypervisor and guest operating system. The network stack is shared between multiple VMs, thus increasing the utilization of the underlying resources. Virtuoso only has to provision for peak aggregate utilization, instead of the sum of the peak utilizations of each VM. Furthermore, Virtuoso ensures performance isolation in a shared stack by doing fine-grained scheduling that reduces inter-VM interference of running applications.


Virtuoso: High Resource Utilization and μs-scale Performance Isolation in a Shared Virtual Machine TCP Network Stack

Matheus Stolet, Liam Arzola, Simon Peter, Antoine Kaufmann
Under submission, 2024.

Virtuoso TCP Stack: Squashing Isolation and Resource Efficiency Tradeoffs in Virtualized Environments

Matheus Stolet
In ACM Student Research Competition @ SOSP 2023, 2023.
First Place in Graduate Category